How to Make Your Garage Door Almost Impenetrable

How to Make Your Garage Door Almost Impenetrable  

Garage Door Installation Tips on Security and Safety

Garage doors can be made of either steel or wood. These doors will be opened and closed using some form of cable pulley mechanism which uses a spring-loaded coil that will support the entire weight of the door. There are various methods of

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which can be implemented for better security. Such as door openers, locks, deadbolts, and alarms. The security measures are often combined, which can make them almost impenetrable.

A lock is a basic garage door security mechanism. It is designed with a steel bar which will be connected to the frame of the door. Many garage doors come with a long steel bar which interlocks on either side of the door frame to the garage door. When the lock is engaged, the steel bar will shoot through small holes in the door frame. This is very similar to a deadbolt action on a standard door.

A steel door does add more security due to the fact it is made from a heavier and more sturdier material. This kind of door is extremely hard to infiltrate due to the density of the material. Many steel doors will need extra coil springs that will support lifting. Because of the additional weight, these doors are almost imposable to raise without the aid of coil springs.

A garage door opener is a device which enables garage doors to be automatically opened. This feature can also offer extra garage door security. A door opener needs to be pulled by a chain or screw-drive. This mechanism will lock the door into a guide-rail which forces the door to be placed in a locked position. The only way to raise a garage door is to either unlock the guide-rail device or to use a garage door remote opener.

A door alarm uses electronics and sirens as a type of deterrent. There are various kinds of alarms available for garage doors. They can include complex motion detectors that

have video surveillance, to basic magnetic latch alarms. Choosing an alarm system greatly depends on the budget and the objective of the alarm system.

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