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Reputable Garage Door Repair Services in Columbus, OH

Are you looking to purchase a new garage door? Maybe you need an emergency garage door repair service? Whatever the case is, Savior Doors is the company in Columbus, OH that does everything related to garage doors. From a one-time garage door service or check-up to a complete preventative maintenance program, our technicians will be more than happy to work with you on all your projects.

Residential Garage Door in Columbus, OH

What We Do

Sales – We are a leading garage door supplier all over the area and we are sure that we can supply the most suitable one for you and your garage. We will come and take care of the garage door installation as well.

Garage Door Installation in Columbus, OH

Installation & Repairs – If you got your door from some other place but need a professional just for the installation, you can still call us. Maybe there’s something wrong with your door and you need an affordable garage door repair service? We are still the right company to call.

Garage Door Openers in Columbus, OH

Door Openers – Garage door openers are so convenient and if you are looking for a way to improve your parking experience, this is a must. You can choose between the ones that are controlled by switches on the wall or the remote control option for a completely wireless experience.

Garage door installation  in Columbus, OH

A residential garage door is probably the hugest moving object in your house, and safety should always come first. We always follow the security protocols and ensure an accident-free experience when you use our products. Savior Doors is not just another supply company, we care about you and your customer experience. If you live in or around the Columbus, OH area, give us a call now, and we will be happy to help you!


by Leland Bridges on Savior Doors
Nice job!

There's was something wrong with opening mechanics of my residential garage door, and I was wondering who to call. Found this company and they installed a new one with a remote control. Thank you so much!

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