Fed Up With Your Garage Doors Sounding Like a Horror Movie?

Fed Up With Your Garage Doors Sounding Like a Horror Movie?  

Garage Door Service Tips on Squeaky Hinges

A squeaky garage door can be somewhat of a nuisance, especially as the noise increases over time. A door generally starts to squeak due to the friction on the hinges, this could be due to a lack of lubricant or you may have to change the door’s position. In many cases, garage door service can be done quite easily, although when the problem persists you may have to rehang the entire door.

The easiest fix on a squeaky door is to spray the hinges with lubricant, and then rub this in with a cloth and remove the excess. Don’t be sparing when you do this, as you need to make sure the lubricant reaches all parts of the hinge, after which open and close the door to work the lubricant in. The hinge must be sprayed when the door is open and closed, in order to cover the whole hinge. In most cases, this usually resolves your squeaky door problem.

However, there are some cases when you will have to remove the pins from the hinges. This is more common on hinges which have been painted over, as the paint stops the lubricant from getting inside. Gently tap the pin with a screwdriver and hammer to work it out, then cover it with a powdered lubricant like silicone or graphite before placing back into the hinge. A powdered lubricant does last longer and reduces the amount of time you need to remove the pin in the future.

With more extreme instances, the door may have to be rehung again. In older homes, a garage door starts to squeak due to age, and the alignment of the door will eventually not marry up to the door frame. This problem is also common after a minor earthquake. As the alignment of the door will change, and it starts to put pressure on the hinges, which in turn start to squeak. If you are in need of any garage door service, then you need to call Savior Doors in Columbus, OH now at (614) 348-7329.

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