How to Fix Loose Garage Door Screws

How to Fix Loose Garage Door Screws  

Problems That a Garage Door Service Can Fix

One of the main causes for a garage door to stop working properly are the screws. Bolts, nuts, and screws can come loose over time, especially since you open and close the garage more than a couple of times a day. This can be rather dangerous if ignored because the more you use the garage, the more it becomes loose. Eventually, it will come off and you won’t even notice it. Missing screws are even more of a problem than loose ones and you should pay extra attention. During your regular inspection, make sure to check if they’re tightly secured. Otherwise, you might need to avail a garage door service. Here’s how to fix loose screws on your garage door:

Check for signs of rust.

Before replacing or tightening the screws back on, you should check first if the area around the hinge is rusting. If there are signs of rust or even damage, you should contact a garage door service. These can cause even more problems if ignored.

Secure the screw.

Using a screwdriver, tighten up the screws so that they are securely fastened. Do not tighten them to the point where it’s hard to unscrew them. As long as they fit well, then it would be enough. Check every single screw if they are tight enough before testing the garage door.

Replace stripped screws.

If you notice screws that have stripped heads, it is best to replace them entirely. If you can’t take them out, you should be able to replace the hinge as well. But you may need a bit of assistance in doing that. Even though they are perfectly tight, it could cause problems because if you can’t unscrew them, you won’t be able to see if there are signs of rust.

Loose screws need to be tightened to avoid possible accidents. Most people would not even notice this because of how small and numerous screws are. But if you don’t constantly check them, you won’t be able to know until a problem arises. Don’t wait for something to happen and just have them repaired. For those who need assistance, there are companies in Columbus, OH that offer garage door repair services. Companies such as Savior Doors provide a quality garage door service to their clients.

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