How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Garage

How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Garage  

Bugs in Your Garage Can Lead to the Need for a Garage Door Service

Regardless of the current climate conditions, bugs will seek refuge everywhere they can. In warm weather, they will try to escape the warm air temperatures and go into your garage, in cold weather all those insects, beetles, and bugs will do the same trying to survive the cold season. Once they find a shelter in your garage, they may begin to build up on your door’s components and eventually, lead to the need for a garage door service. What can you do to avoid that from happening?

Unless your garage door isn’t sealed yet, you can add insulation to it. Make sure you hire a professional technician who knows what he is doing and recommend you a quality material that doesn’t attract pests, this is necessary even if you have an older model.

Another solution is to seal all the boxes of food you keep in there. Many homeowners have the habit of using their garage for an additional storage place for different foods. Even pet food could attract small bugs, cockroaches, ants, spiders, etc. If that is really necessary, store your food leftovers in cupboards with thick heavy doors and drawers.

Keep your garage and its surroundings clean and dry. This is a smart technique to keep bugs away. A neat environment will discourage them from wanting to use your place to build a nest. Don’t keep the garage door open all the time either. Instead, you can discuss with a contractor the installation of an efficient ventilation system, a small window, or HVAC system. Do not keep standing water or any other sources of moisture.

To prevent bugs from entering your garage, you should also consider some simple defense techniques. You can place sticky strips near the ceiling to attract and catch all kinds of flying critters. You can also add several bait traps on the floor.

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